THE AWAKENING: The Truth Behind the Law of Attraction, A User’s Guide – FREE e-copy

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For you.

With the deepest gratitude, love and appreciation to you, our Instagram followers/family, we are giving away our new book ‘The Awakening – The Truth Behind the Law Of Attraction’ guide as a FREE E-COPY.

Rebekah and I at have been so overwhelmed by the amazing support and love expressed to us by all of you. We know that The Law Of Attraction and more accurately, Universal Laws have played such a fundamental part in our lives, especially by turning our lives around. Through these experiences we have had the wonderful opportunity to share and connect with you, and we are so blessed everyday to read your wonderful posts and share our deepest thoughts, including the things that we have learned so far on this marvellous life journey.

We have grown so much from our interaction on this awesome platform, and as questions and emails and messages sharing life experiences have come in, we have cherished the bonds that we have formed.
After carefully reviewing all the requests, questions, and messages from all of you lovely souls, we decided to write this book in the hope that the struggles and successes that we have had so far, along with the nuggets of golden wisdom that we have learned (and that have impacted our lives the most), may be of some comfort or assistance to anyone who is currently walking were we once have.

We are so grateful for each and every one of you. We have bared our souls in this book, and with all layers shed, and with absolute vulnerability, this book is our gift to you.

You can assess the e-Book free of charge through the link on our profile (link also added here).

May this book bring to you The Awaking of your soul – the very essence of who you are, and most of all, may it be a reminder to you of how precious and majestic you are, exactly as you are.

With all of our love to you and your loved ones @bianca_biasi and @rebekahbiasi

Please also feel free to share the link with anyone that you feel may benefit from this book. ❤️❤️❤️

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‘Wow – what an amazing book ! I cried through so many chapters as they had a major impact on me. I have used many of the techniques not only on myself but my children and friends and the transition is instant. This book is now part of my life and I am so grateful that it has been written. It is, quite honestly, the answer to all my questions!’

‘The minute I opened this book, I knew I had never come across one like it! I’ve read and practiced laws of attraction for years yet none had enriched me like “The Awakening”. I couldn’t put this book down, I read it in 2 hours!!! It’s the one book that I can honestly say has changed my life! I can’t be more grateful to the Authors for sharing such untold knowledge and bringing me so many amazing opportunities in such a short amount of time!! Can’t thank you enough.’ Janet

The Law of Attraction isn’t a new theory, in fact it has commonly been used by people who have shaped the world from Einstein, Tesla and Da Vinci to the Ancient Egyptians, Mayans and Indigenous people.

This knowledge has never been hidden, in fact it has existed from the beginning of time and was openly passed down from generation to generation in the ancient communities. It has been used to create success, wealth and fulfilment and to invent, discover and create structures and innovation that still astonish us today.

This book exposes the myths behind the Law of Attraction and delivers a step by step method on how to efficiently use it in your life.

This practical easy to follow manual will transform the way you perceive life occurrences, relationships, depression, thoughts, wealth and wellbeing and awaken your soul to your inner power and the intrinsic connection between you, the universe and all of creation.

This guide will give you all the tools nessessary to effectively apply the Law of Attraction and will show you how to develop it all the way through to manifesting the life you have always wanted.

The Awakening will open your eyes to to see the magnificent creation and universal heir that you were born to be for the key to this extraordinary law and its power, has never been something you need to discover on the outside; the knowledge has always been within you.