See the light in others and treat them as if that’s all you see…

wayne dyer

This one is dedicated to our extended Instagram followers and blog readers. Yes, that means YOU reading this right now.

We have the privilege of meeting new people everyday and in a world fuelled by the belief that we are all separate, all we can see when we look at you is the inter connectiveness and beauty of humanity. Strangers by definition, so much love is shared between us. We see beacons of light flooding the galaxy and most of you don’t even realise how brightly you shine. We feel spoilt with the love that we get to experience from all of you, beautiful precious souls. A thank you does not even begin to measure up to the beauty, value, worth and emense wealth that is shared. All we can do is offer expressions of gratitude from our soul to yours in the hope that you all feel validated, valued and loved for the miracle that you all are.

To you our soul brothers and sisters our message for you today is clear. No matter where you think you are in your life right now, you are doing everything right no matter what your current self perception may be, for you are lighting up the world just by being who you are without effort. You are noticed, received, seen and embraced for all that you are. Our wish for you is that you experience the same love and beauty that you offer us on a daily basis and that you are enveloped by wholeness of the splendour that you are. Today we thank you for being you. Sending all of our love @bianca_biasi and @rebekahbiasi The Quirky Guru Online