You are loved


My current daily work at this time is to moment by moment, consciously shed my ego-self and allow my spirit-self to steer ship.
It’s becoming apparent to me, that every-time I act from the ego self – the part of me that is rooted in fear, inadequacy or lack, it is one of the most self-damaging actions that I and we as humans, continue to succumb too. My strongest desire is to shed this mask and refine my earthy experience so I can see, respond, embrace, evoke, share and multiply love. For when we respond to another being through the intention of ego, we are not only dishonouring the recipient, we are defiling our own spirit, for we are one with all and all are one with us. May we learn that when we judge others we judge ourselves, when we pour hate on others, we are hating ourselves and when we harm others we are harming the very essence and core of who we are. We come in so many different and magnificently beautiful forms.
What a splendid artist our universal creator is. Unfortunately sometimes instead of basking in these extrodinary masterpieces, we recklessly choose to destroy. The irony is, that in this egocentric behaviour, the main destruction is caused to ourselves. Our wish today, is that love both for others and ourselves is the force that prevails in all that we do and seek. That through this conscious choice, we all truly discover the meaning and purpose of this amazing gift of life that we have been given.
That we share it, experience it, and honour it together in unity as the wholeness that we are. May all who read this today experience tremendous love in their lives but most importantly, may you be the bearer of it.
Sending all our love, Bianca and Rebekah Biasi
The Quirky Guru Online
Authors of The Awakening