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Bianca Biasi & Rebekah Bias


About the Authors:

Bianca Biasi: In her childhood Bianca was known for two things: her so called ‘odd’ connection with God and her long distance track athletics.

Bianca was viewed as a peculiar child. She wanted to spend most of her time at the bottom of the family home staircase in the dark having raucous conversations with God (out loud of course) which looked to most like she was speaking to thin air – especially to her very concerned parents who thought she was going mad or had a sixth sense. This connection continued equally as powerfully through her teens until a life changing event took place. She was faced with the predicament that by choosing to be who she truly was, she was told that she had no place with the religious world’s view of God. Coming from a strict religious background she tried to be the person that she was told God wanted her to be and day by day, year by year, she felt herself disappear.

This devastated her and sent her into a downward spiral until one day, she had a fateful meeting with a priest from the Philippines who gave her some unorthodox, but very much needed advice. He told her that God would not want her to feel negatively about herself and he surely would not want her to deny who she was. The most important thing was to find a way to rekindle the relationship with God in her own way and on her own terms. She said a silent prayer for guidance and circumstances brought the book ‘You can heal your life’ by Louise Hay into her life. This book was the catalyst that propelled her back on her spiritual course where she discovered New Age spirituality and was later introduced to Universal Laws, which became the corner stone of her belief system.

The other place where she liked to spend her time was on the running track where she held several long distance records for over a decade. She was an accomplished long distance runner. Olympic goals were set in her sights until a second major blow happened in her life – she tore both Achilles tendons which stopped her running career in its tracks. This led her to become extremely depressed and lacking in inspiration. She withdrew from people in general and spent most of her time observing life and everyone around her instead of participating. A concerned teacher urged her parents to put her into some type of self development or acting course to bring her back out of her shell. She later on dedicated six years of study to American Method Acting. This is where she discovered the art of reading human behavior. She was transfixed and found herself dedicating her time to learning about human behavior and patterns of thought. She very quickly started landing commercial work which eventually opened the doors to television and film work.

Adult years: Bianca landed work as an actress on home grown Australian award winning shows like Home and Away and All Saints. Along with other TV and film work, she also had roles in some American TV and Film projects.

In the midst of her growing acting career she quickly turned her attention to behind scenes; writing, directing and producing and she has completed several projects in each role. Content with where her film career was heading, she reflected on the areas of her life she felt were unfulfilled. It didn’t take long for her to realize that her spirituality was falling into the background. After much soul searching she decided to return to her spiritual quest and studied various forms of world religion and very quickly found a connection with Universal Laws.

The flame was rekindled when she discovered the teachings of Abraham Hicks along with many other ancient and modern teachers. This propelled a desire to venture out and connect with other like minded people. After setting this intention she was soon introduced to Instagram. It’s through this amazing medium that she has now connected with soul sisters and brothers all around the world. Here she has found her tribe.

Rebekah Biasi: Rebekah and Bianca had amazingly similar early life experiences. Like Bianca, Rebekah was predominantly known for two things: her strong faith and her ability to play tennis.

Early childhood: Rebekah grew up in a religious family and dedicated a lot of her early childhood to her faith and the family church. Similar to Bianca she had a deep and unique connection with God. Rebekah was faced with the same issue and was rejected from the church family she loved and cared for.

Rebekah played competitive tennis from a very young age and all roads looked to her turning pro. All was looking rosie for her until she came down with a serious case of glandular fever. It was so severe that she was immobile for a couple of years. This eliminated her competitive window and sent her into a frustrated depression knowing that her dreams were crushed. This was also heightened by being separated from the church and the God she loved.

Adult years: Going into university Rebekah was searching for what she would now dedicate her life to. To appease her parents she studied social sciences yet did not feel that this was her path, so soon after enrolling she switched to a Performing Arts degree. Here she learnt how to be who she truly was. The degree (and time at university) ended up being a lesson in self development/ self discovery and this set her heart back to finding a place where she (spiritually) belonged.

On her search she met Bianca who introduced her to New Age spirituality and universal laws. Rebekah quickly found her spiritual place and Rebekah and Bianca became a solid team.