We are all human, we are all one


Dear readers,

I woke up this morning and had a brief look at the news

There were a couple of stories that drew my attention. The usual debate over Muslims and gay marriage, and another story of a black girl Jose in Cairns who’s services where refused in a Gloria Jeans because of the colour of her skin.

As most of you know I am married to my partner Rebekah and we have twin girls who are the joy and light of our lives.

What you may not know is that besides being gay, our brother-in-law and nieces are black and my sister-in-law is Muslim.

These subjects are very close to our hearts yet we have never felt the inspired urge to comment until now.

Rebekah and I love to celebrate the diversity of humanity. We love meeting different people everyday and exchanging experiences, and learning and evolving by striving to understand different points of view that enhance our wonderful life journey.

It has always been our belief that segregation is so senseless. We have many friends and loved ones from all types of religious and ethnic backgrounds, and we value this as the cornerstone of our life experience and growth. It is so wonderfully exciting to learn about things that are different and we celebrate human diversity in every way that we can.

That is why today we feel impelled to write.

We as humans look at the world today and are up in arms about how much intolerance is taking place, about the amount of bullying in our schools, work places, and congregations.

About how this world seems to lack the core values of love, respect and compassion.

We don’t need to look far to see why this is taking place.

It’s hurtful to see that a young black woman would be treated with so much disrespect because of the colour of her skin. Jose did not have an issue serving a white woman in a wheelchair – she didn’t even think twice about it, yet this woman felt that it was completely acceptable to refuse service from Jose because her skin tone was different to her own. We could blame this woman, slap her wrists and move on our merry little way, yet the reality is, does this woman feel that this behaviour is acceptable because she has other like minded people in her circle who support her view?

Much like the heated debate on Muslims. My sister-in-law is Muslim, and her family are some of the kindest, generous, most loving, helpful and supportive people that I have met. They have always shown love and kindness to us and even though I know that our lifestyle is not in line with their religious beliefs, they have never allowed our differences to affect the love shared between us as a family and visa versa. Instead they have always displayed what we know as the true core value of godly, spiritual, love and compassion. Yet, despite them getting it right and being the true reflection of Gods love, they have to bare the social consequences of the actions of a select group of people who do not represent the true value of the faith.

The dictionary definition of terrorism is “the unofficial or unauthorized use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims’ (source: Google) and it goes on every day in many different forms.

As for marriage equality, the cornerstone of opposition’s argument is their resolve “to protect the children”, as they believe that gay marriage will create an environment that will affect children in an extremely negative way.

Most of the people using this excuse are advertising that they are from a Christian or religious background and they have even gone so far as to pay for a young woman who came from a same sex family, to publically support them.

Everyone has different experiences with their up bringing, no matter what household you come from. Parent’s do their very best to shield their children from anything harmful, but ultimately you can’t cotton wool them forever and sometimes the things that you think are absolutely benign can be the most hurtful or damaging. Both Rebekah and I came from heavily religious backgrounds that as children, affected us in a very destructive way. Yet as adults, realizing our parents were doing what they felt was best for us, we worked through our issues surrounding this and turned our so called negative experiences into ones of discovery and a passion, and a willingness to learn about views that are different to our own. This has helped us find some peace with our negative experiences.

In response to this tactic – and it is a hate tactic; suggesting that children are at risk because they are being brought up in a same sex family is blatantly cruel and unfounded. Unfortunately there are many children who suffer abuse and negative experiences in a diverse range of families – both straight and gay. This occurs in families with straight couples, single parent homes, same sex households, foster care, and orphanages – and even under the care of churches and religious organisations. It is a very serious problem that we all need to unite on.

So to use children in order to drum up fear and hate towards a group of people who have just as much of a right to having families as anyone else and are equally capable of providing healthy and loving homes, is completely unacceptable and has no moral or spiritual fiber within its action.

In-fact some of the most shocking abuse of children has come at the hands of religious organizations. It is a very real and saddening issue that is definitely not confined to one group of people and a far too serious issue an issue to be used as mud in a slinging match to further a political stance. Yet, this type of degrading ammunition is deemed ok to use as a punch line because again there is a section of people who encourage the viewpoint.

We understand that some religious organizations and individuals are fighting for something that they wholeheartedly believe in, and something that they value and love …

But so are we…

So instead of fighting, instead of segregation, instead of inflicting hate to each other, why don’t we stop and start listen to each other and come to a solution were everyone gets what they need and deserve without impeding on each other?

Terrorism, Racism, segregation, bullying, and equality – it’s all part of a much larger issue.

The irony is, that within all of our diversity of skin colour and religious beliefs, to gender and same sex relationships, there is one factor that no one seems to be truly listening to:

We are all HUMAN… every human being deserves the same rights, every human being deserves to be treated with respect, and every human being deserves EQUALITY – free of torment, judgment segregation and bullying.

ALL actions and laws that promote inequality in any form are a human rights issue.

It is time to ban together as a human race and refuse to stand idly by when we see intolerance of this kind to any human being.

It’s time to support government members who have it right, for if we cannot get our government right, then how can we expect things to change in our society when we are electing and putting in power the very people who are inflicting segregation?

It’s time to start communicating with each other instead of causing destruction in each others lives, for we all need and deserve the same thing; a right to be who we all are. The right to share in the very unique and divine creation of who we are as individuals and embrace how wonderfully and magnificently diverse we all are.

To you Jose, to the Muslim community, to all LGBTQ and to everyone being bullied, segregated, judged, harassed or made to feel less than for being who you are, we hope that by putting pen to paper today you feel supported, encouraged, validated and loved.

To all who read this post today, may you feel inspired to be pro-humanity in any way that you can, and may we as a human race find our way back to the true expression of spirituality by divinely sharing compassion, respect and above all LOVE.

You are loved


My current daily work at this time is to moment by moment, consciously shed my ego-self and allow my spirit-self to steer ship.
It’s becoming apparent to me, that every-time I act from the ego self – the part of me that is rooted in fear, inadequacy or lack, it is one of the most self-damaging actions that I and we as humans, continue to succumb too. My strongest desire is to shed this mask and refine my earthy experience so I can see, respond, embrace, evoke, share and multiply love. For when we respond to another being through the intention of ego, we are not only dishonouring the recipient, we are defiling our own spirit, for we are one with all and all are one with us. May we learn that when we judge others we judge ourselves, when we pour hate on others, we are hating ourselves and when we harm others we are harming the very essence and core of who we are. We come in so many different and magnificently beautiful forms.
What a splendid artist our universal creator is. Unfortunately sometimes instead of basking in these extrodinary masterpieces, we recklessly choose to destroy. The irony is, that in this egocentric behaviour, the main destruction is caused to ourselves. Our wish today, is that love both for others and ourselves is the force that prevails in all that we do and seek. That through this conscious choice, we all truly discover the meaning and purpose of this amazing gift of life that we have been given.
That we share it, experience it, and honour it together in unity as the wholeness that we are. May all who read this today experience tremendous love in their lives but most importantly, may you be the bearer of it.
Sending all our love, Bianca and Rebekah Biasi
The Quirky Guru Online
Authors of The Awakening

Don’t be afraid to splinter…

Dont be afraid to splinter_edited-1-2

When you open your eyes to the beauty within yourself and others, your inner light has no choice but to radiate out of you and touch everything in its path.
It is in our suffering, in the splintering of ones’ earthly self that the glory within is allowed to seep through and touch the world.
This is where our inner transformation occurs, when we shed all that is false and reveal all that is raw and true. This is where our beauty lies, this is where our humanity is pure. Our inner light thrives with the restoration of our soul; living, sharing, learning, refining, giving up all resistance and being present in the moment.
Do not be afraid to allow yourself to splinter, for that is how your light shines through and leaves its imprint on the world.

See the light in others and treat them as if that’s all you see…

wayne dyer

This one is dedicated to our extended Instagram followers and blog readers. Yes, that means YOU reading this right now.

We have the privilege of meeting new people everyday and in a world fuelled by the belief that we are all separate, all we can see when we look at you is the inter connectiveness and beauty of humanity. Strangers by definition, so much love is shared between us. We see beacons of light flooding the galaxy and most of you don’t even realise how brightly you shine. We feel spoilt with the love that we get to experience from all of you, beautiful precious souls. A thank you does not even begin to measure up to the beauty, value, worth and emense wealth that is shared. All we can do is offer expressions of gratitude from our soul to yours in the hope that you all feel validated, valued and loved for the miracle that you all are.

To you our soul brothers and sisters our message for you today is clear. No matter where you think you are in your life right now, you are doing everything right no matter what your current self perception may be, for you are lighting up the world just by being who you are without effort. You are noticed, received, seen and embraced for all that you are. Our wish for you is that you experience the same love and beauty that you offer us on a daily basis and that you are enveloped by wholeness of the splendour that you are. Today we thank you for being you. Sending all of our love @bianca_biasi and @rebekahbiasi The Quirky Guru Online www.thequirkyguruonline.com

May I be of service to all of humanity

May I be of service

No matter where we are placed in the economic scale, if you really look at how we co-exist in the world we are all servants to one another. From a high flying executive to an organic self operated farmer, we all perform roles everyday that are designed to provide a service of some kind.

Quite often we can opperate from a place of ego vs our creative core depending on our chosen job, yet if we really break down our purpose, it all leads back to the exact same function, to serve and to be of value to others. This is something we often forget.

We are all born uniquely different and each one of us provides a skill in whatever profession we’re in, whether as a doctor, a writer, a mother, a cleaner, an inventor, a fireman, or an entrepreneur. In every wonderful service under the sun we contribute to humanity and this world in some way, shape, or form and the world would not function in its perfect natural order without every single one of us contributing in the way that we are inspired to.

We all at some point in our lives perform roles out of necessity rather than love, feeling that we don’t have the skills, education or resources to pursue what our soul loves and then we become resentful, feeling unfulfilled and undervalued. The truth is, is that we are all servants and a servant to all. This shouldn’t be taken in a derogative light, it should be something that is rejoiced.

For we are all here to co-create and be part of the evolution of life. Regardless of what our chosen contribution is, we are all relevant. No matter where you are in your life whether you are performing out of nessesity or whether you are finally doing what you truly want, we are still put on this earth to co-create with each other.

Our wish for you today is that right at this moment, you begin to perform your current chosen calling with appreciation, compassion, passion and love. That eventually you have the courage to choose something that makes your heart sing while you serve others with enthusiasm, grace and excitement and that by doing so you live your bliss every single day. That your vibration is so elated that you only attract people into your realm who appreciate you and join you as a co-creator, exchanging their own service with you, with respect and love. But most of all, that you recognise the value in each human being who is of service to you in your life and that you become a living example of appreciation to everyone who provides for you each and everyday.

Sending all of our love❤️❤️❤️ @bianca_biasi and @rebekahbiasi The Quirky Guru Online www.thequirkyguruonline.com

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Love is the one thing that transcends time and space

Love is the only thing

The most powerful emotion that we possess is love. Used positively it can give us the strength to move mountains and milestones, it can give us the ability to create and manifest beyond our wildest dreams and it can heal practically anything.

It has the ability to make us act like fools, feel like a kid again, make us drunk with the giddiness of life and make our lives meaningful, but on the flip side it can also break our hearts and bring us to our knees faster than the speed of light.

Every power has its duality, for we are born and made in perfect balance. For me, love is a gift that truely transcends space and time. It is the most powerful healer and the best antidote to anything poisonous in our lives, for when we choose to love in all situations, we win no matter the outcome. It cuts through every situation and every problem and reaches even the hardest of hearts because when love hits its bullseye, us mere mortals are instantly disarmed.

Our wish for you today is that you live a life disarmed by love. That you wear your heart on your sleeve and that you have so much self-worth that your vibration moves you away from those who don’t appreciate such a gentle, passionate and raw soul. That you are brave enough to love so intensely, that your light envelopes everyone around you and ignites them with the power of love.

Sending all of our love❤️❤️❤️ @bianca_biasi and @rebekahbiasi The Quirky Guru Online www.thequirkyguruonline.com

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