May I be of service to all of humanity

May I be of service

No matter where we are placed in the economic scale, if you really look at how we co-exist in the world we are all servants to one another. From a high flying executive to an organic self operated farmer, we all perform roles everyday that are designed to provide a service of some kind.

Quite often we can opperate from a place of ego vs our creative core depending on our chosen job, yet if we really break down our purpose, it all leads back to the exact same function, to serve and to be of value to others. This is something we often forget.

We are all born uniquely different and each one of us provides a skill in whatever profession we’re in, whether as a doctor, a writer, a mother, a cleaner, an inventor, a fireman, or an entrepreneur. In every wonderful service under the sun we contribute to humanity and this world in some way, shape, or form and the world would not function in its perfect natural order without every single one of us contributing in the way that we are inspired to.

We all at some point in our lives perform roles out of necessity rather than love, feeling that we don’t have the skills, education or resources to pursue what our soul loves and then we become resentful, feeling unfulfilled and undervalued. The truth is, is that we are all servants and a servant to all. This shouldn’t be taken in a derogative light, it should be something that is rejoiced.

For we are all here to co-create and be part of the evolution of life. Regardless of what our chosen contribution is, we are all relevant. No matter where you are in your life whether you are performing out of nessesity or whether you are finally doing what you truly want, we are still put on this earth to co-create with each other.

Our wish for you today is that right at this moment, you begin to perform your current chosen calling with appreciation, compassion, passion and love. That eventually you have the courage to choose something that makes your heart sing while you serve others with enthusiasm, grace and excitement and that by doing so you live your bliss every single day. That your vibration is so elated that you only attract people into your realm who appreciate you and join you as a co-creator, exchanging their own service with you, with respect and love. But most of all, that you recognise the value in each human being who is of service to you in your life and that you become a living example of appreciation to everyone who provides for you each and everyday.

Sending all of our love❤️❤️❤️ @bianca_biasi and @rebekahbiasi The Quirky Guru Online

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