Love is the one thing that transcends time and space

Love is the only thing

The most powerful emotion that we possess is love. Used positively it can give us the strength to move mountains and milestones, it can give us the ability to create and manifest beyond our wildest dreams and it can heal practically anything.

It has the ability to make us act like fools, feel like a kid again, make us drunk with the giddiness of life and make our lives meaningful, but on the flip side it can also break our hearts and bring us to our knees faster than the speed of light.

Every power has its duality, for we are born and made in perfect balance. For me, love is a gift that truely transcends space and time. It is the most powerful healer and the best antidote to anything poisonous in our lives, for when we choose to love in all situations, we win no matter the outcome. It cuts through every situation and every problem and reaches even the hardest of hearts because when love hits its bullseye, us mere mortals are instantly disarmed.

Our wish for you today is that you live a life disarmed by love. That you wear your heart on your sleeve and that you have so much self-worth that your vibration moves you away from those who don’t appreciate such a gentle, passionate and raw soul. That you are brave enough to love so intensely, that your light envelopes everyone around you and ignites them with the power of love.

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